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You Have A Smartphone, Right?

(Who Doesn't Have One These Days?)

You're already holding a complete video creation device that you can use to SHOOT, EDIT, and PUBLISH videos. And because you can bring your mobile phone wherever you will go, that means you can create professional looking videos wherever you are!

Create HIGHLY Engaging Professional Videos Using What You Already Have - Your Smartphone

Thanks to the advancement of technology, iPhones and Android phones have now the ability to capture HIGH quality videos. Even the manual settings that were only available to professional camcorders and DSLRs are now in smartphone camera apps as well.

And we're not just talking about video shooting here. Today, you can also edit and publish your videos right on your mobile phone itself!​

So forget about spending thousands of dollars on expensive equipment and software or hiring an expensive video production team. With your smartphone, you can already produce great looking videos like a pro!​

See the amount of money you can save in using a smartphone to create videos...

In fact, even if we've been using a DSLR camera to shoot videos in the past, we found out that capturing videos using a smartphone come in handy in many situations. Through this, we don't have to carry a bulky DSLR anymore. You have your phone with you almost all the time and you can always bring it out whenever you find something interesting to shoot.

And now that you have the ability to edit videos on your smartphone, you don't have to transfer your video files to your laptop or desktop to edit your videos on your desktop application. After recording videos on your mobile phone, you can already edit your videos right on your phone as well.

This is great because you can now edit your videos wherever you are! You can do it while sitting on a bench in a park, while resting on your couch... heck, you can even do it while lying on your bed.

Awesome! But Here's What's Missing...

You're surely glad that you can now make videos just by using your smartphone. Then again, if you were to begin creating videos for your business now using your mobile phone, you might not be sure where to start. What you probably only know is the auto functions of your camera app where you can press that record button.

You probably have a lot of questions like how to frame shots so they look professional, what should you shoot, how to edit on your smartphone, what's the best app to use, and gazillions of other questions...

We hear you... While smartphones now have the power to create professional videos, there's a lack of quality training that shows you how to shoot, edit, and publish videos professionally using a mobile phone. If there are, they are ONLY centered around iPhone video shooting and that's it.

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