Vyond Animation Academy

Learn how you can start creating animation videos with no design skills using only Vyond

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Brand New Over-The-Shoulder Video Series On How To Create Powerful Animated Videos Using Vyond.

Everyone loves explainer videos that makes life so much easier. They give you the chance to communicate with your customers to address their concerns.

A customer who’s on the fence needs a little nudge. What they need more than anything is to know what type of services that you provide for them.

What’s so great about explainer videos is they get right to the point of letting your potential customers how you can improve their lives.

Nothing is more fundamental than being able to explain your products or services to a customer fully.

They’ll know full well what you do by the time the explainer video is over.

Make Videos For Internal Use

Don’t think that Vyond can only be used for marketing to customers. It can also be used as a human resource tool.

How many times have you gone in circles trying to explain something to your staff?

A quick cartoon can convey a message more easily than words can.

The human mind connects with pictures differently than it does with the spoken word.

Use this to your advantage by creating videos to address problems and concerns that your employees have.

Vyond provides a method to make communicating with your workers both fun and educational at the same time.

Course Contents

1. Overview

2. Pricing and Plans

3. Vyond Resources

4. Interface and Timeline

5. Adding Templates

6. Character Library

7. Character Properties – Part 1

8. Character Properties – Part 2

9. Character Properties – Part 3

10. Prop Library

11. Prop Properties

12. Chart Properties – Part 1

13. Chart Properties – Part 2

14. Text Library

15. Text Properties

16. Scene Transitions

17. Differences with Whiteboard Animation – Part 1

18. Differences with Whiteboard Animation – Part 2

19. Adding In The Camera

20. Final Preview and Downloadable Video Formats

21. Meeting Live – Skype Integration

22. Meeting Live – Zoom Integration

23. Sharing Meeting Recordings – YouTube Integration

24. Sharing Meeting Recordings – YouTube Integration – Part 2

25. Sharing Google Docs – Part 1

26. Sharing Google Docs – Part 2

27. Sharing Google Calendar

28. WordPress Website Updates with vyond

29. WordPress Website Updates with vyond – Part 2

30. vyond Storage – Google Drive

31. vyond Storage – Dropbox

32. Client and Customer Management – Stripe

33. Client and Customer Management – PayPal

34. Client and Customer Management – Getresponse

35. Client and Customer Management – Mailchimp

36. Live Example – Channel Creation

37. Live Example – Team Invitations

38. Live Meeting Creation

39. Live Meeting Archive

40. Conclusion


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