Cute Mascot Characters Mega Bundle

100+ Cute Edible Characters To Spruce Up Your Projects

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The Cute Mascot Characters Mega Bundle features 115 amazing mascot characters in over 1000+ poses.

Make all of your projects and your clients stand out using the power of cute mascots!

Get a sneak peak of these amazing mascots in action:

Cute Mascot Characters Mega Bundle

Please note:

The small preview above only displays some of the poses/expressions each mascot has, this mega bundle has over 1000+!
All of the mascots are layered so are able to easily modify the characters using your favourite graphic design tools.

– Change the mascots color
– Add a brands logo onto the mascots clothing

You are able to 100% customize the mascots to your liking without any sort of restrictions.

The mascots could be used for several purposes like: websites, print templates, presentation templates, promotional materials, infographics, web and mobile phone services and apps.

There are a wide variety of uses for MAXIMUM exposure and profitability that’s up to your imagination.

Regularly priced $1550, today you can get this entire bundle for just $22!

If you buy cartoon characters from top marketplaces, you must spend at least $15 – $30+ for just 10 characters.

You think you would spend over $47, $97 or even $197 for all these premium cartoon characters, even from a deal site like us….

For just 22 bucks you can grab your hands on this miraculous goldmine of the most engaging characters out there…

Each character is valued at $10, which means this bundle is worth $1,550 . This means you only pay 0.19c per character, such massive savings!

Bundle Terms

– This bundle includes unlimited royalty-free extended commercial client developer license.
– You can use this bundle for your personal and commercial use – including client work.
– Reselling or sharing editable files is strictly restricted.
– 24/7 online support is available through the help desk. (Provided by StockElementsFX)
– You will receive a PDF with redemption instructions.

Bundle Contents

  • American Football Mascot
  • Angel Mascot
  • Apple Mascot
  • Avocado Mascot
  • Ball Mascot
  • Banana Mascot
  • Baseball Mascot
  • Basket Mascot
  • Biliard Mascot
  • Bitcoin
  • Bomb Mascot
  • Book Mascot
  • Broccoli Mascot
  • Bulb Mascot
  • Burger Mascot
  • Cactus Mascot
  • Carrot Mascot
  • Character Buffon Mascot
  • Character Cavani Mascot
  • Character Cristiano Ronaldo Mascot
  • Character Fellaini Mascot
  • Character Ibrahimovic Mascot
  • Character Iniesta Mascot
  • Character Messi Mascot
  • Character Mo Salah Mascot
  • Character Neymar Mascot
  • Character Paul Pogba Mascot
  • Character Rashford Mascot
  • Character Sadio Mane Mascot
  • Character Teen Mascot
  • Cheese Mascot
  • Chili Mascot
  • Chocolate Mascot
  • Christmas Tree
  • Christmas Tree Mascot
  • Clock Mascot
  • Cookies Mascot
  • Cup Mascot
  • Cupcake Mascot
  • Devil Mascot
  • Diamond Mascot
  • Donut Mascot
  • Dragon Fruit Mascot
  • Dynamite Mascot
  • Earth Mascot
  • Egg Mascot
  • Egg Mascot
  • Eggplant Mascot
  • Espresso Mascot
  • Fig Mascot
  • Fire Mascot
  • Fried Chicken Mascot
  • Fried Fries Mascot
  • Ghost Mascot
  • Grape Mascot
  • Honeydew Mascot
  • Hotdog Mascot
  • Human Mascot
  • Ice Cream Mascot
  • Ice Cream Bite Mascot
  • Ice Cream Chocolate Mascot
  • Ice Cream Cone Mascot
  • Ice Cream Mascot
  • Ice Cream Sandwich Mascot
  • Ice Cream Stick Mascot
  • Ita Palm Mascot
  • Kebab Mascot
  • Ketchup Mascot
  • Kiwi Mascot
  • Lemon Mascot
  • Mango Mascot
  • Meat Mascot
  • Milk Mascot
  • Monster Mascot
  • Moon Mascot
  • Mushroom Blue Mascot
  • Mushroom Mascot
  • Mushroom Yellow Mascot
  • Mustard Mascot
  • Nut Mascot
  • Orange Mascot
  • Pencil Mascot
  • Pineapple Mascot
  • Pineapple Mascot 2
  • Pink Ice Cream Mascot
  • Pizza Mascot
  • Popcorn Mascot
  • Potato Mascot
  • Quince Mascot
  • Radish Mascot
  • Red Apple Mascot
  • Rocket Mascot
  • Sandwich Mascot
  • Sausage Mascot
  • Smartphone Mascot
  • Soda Mascot
  • Soft Drink Mascot
  • Sponge Mascot
  • Star Mascot
  • Strawberry Mascot
  • Sushi Mascot
  • Tennis Mascot
  • Tomatoes Mascot
  • Tooth Mascot
  • Ufo Mascot
  • Ugli Fruit Mascot
  • Valentine Mascot
  • Velvet Tamarine Mascot
  • Water Mascot
  • Watermelon Mascot
  • Watermelon Mascot 2
  • Ximenia Mascot
  • Yam Mascot
  • Zombie Mascot
  • Zucchini Mascot

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