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You won’t buy anything from a random seller or business online if you don’t trust them, right? And the only way to trust someone online is to know if other people just like you trust them or not. So you look for text or video testimonials for authentic social proof. This is exactly what Easy Video Endorser finally makes possible!

Collect High-Converting Video Testimonials That Triple Conversions & Drive Traffic With Easy Video Endorser Elite

Smash through trust barriers & dial-up traffic for you and your clients with the massively upgraded, cutting-edge, best video generator. Instantly increase your authority using the power of video testimonials with Easy Video Endorser Elite – the best way to show social proof.

  • Powerful Video Testimonials,
  • Text Review Feedbacks,
  • Star Ratings For Clients,
  • Simple Video Wizard Editor,
  • Reviews Social Proof Widget,
  • Stylish Video Display Options,
  • Cloud Campaign for Generating Testimonials,
  • Live Video Capture Technology,
  • Commercial License to Sell 100% Unique Services & more…

Get set ready to transform your business in just 5 simple steps. All it takes is just five steps to collect amazing video testimonials using intuitive Easy Video Endorser Elite:

  1. Incentivize buyers of any product to leave a review
  2. Customers record the review quickly via Desktop or Mobile
  3. You can then review the testimonial and edit the video
  4. Market the video with display and widget technology
  5. Syndicate around the web for traffic and fresh leads

Whatever business you’re in – office consultants, eCommerce, social marketers, product launchers, affiliates, Easy Video Endorser makes it easier than ever to convert traffic into customers.

No more making the videos yourself! No need of any camera equipment, mics or fancy studios. Forget begging or waiting for reviews! Start with Easy Video Endorsers Elite today… 

A Complete Walkthrough Of Easy Video Endorser Elite!

Why Choose Easy Video Endorser Elite For Video Testimonials?

Easy Video Endorser is a cloud platform that automates the processes of incentivizing, capturing and displaying authentic video testimonials. The new elite version is now an entire video marketing review suite that captures, edits, syndicates, and markets both video and text testimonials all-in-one.

  • Get Autopilot Video Reviews – Collect video testimonials on full autopilot in the cloud & mobile. Nothing to setup or install.
  • Easy Video Editor – Add graphics, CTAs, BG music & more to turn your captured video into great marketing content.
  • Bonus Creation & Delivery – Incentivize and reward anyone who leaves a video review with an ethical bonus handsfree.
  • Sell to Clients – Get Commercial Rights to generate video testimonials for clients, an easy sell that every business needs more of.
  • Syndicate For Traffic – Embed your videos anywhere w/ social proof widgets & syndicate to popular networks for traffic in a click.

Check Out The Full Overview Of Easy Video Endorser Elite In Action:

Brand New Upgraded Features Of Easy Video Endorser Elite For Video Testimonials:

1. 100% Compatible with Mobile

Customers can record video testimonials using Easy Video Endorser on the fly from their phones as well if they choose for much higher conversion rates and authentic-looking testimonials.

2. Simple Video Wizard Editor

Load any text or video testimonial with Easy Video Endorser into a very easy-to-use video editor to add custom CTAs, graphics, background music and more.

3. Text and video reviews social proof widget

Collect text and video reviews for a specific product and showcase them all at once in a customizable widget to skyrocket social proof and conversions.

4. More video display options

Make your Easy Video Endorser look awesome on any page you want with brand new video embed templates. Choose from 4 new ways to embed your testimonial so it fits your sales page style and layout.

5. Capture only video reviews, text reviews or both

Choose if you want to capture only video reviews, text reviews or both with advanced campaign options.

6. DFY customizable bouns/thank you pages with easier bonus access

Instead of just an email link, create a full bonus page that gives you an opportunity to further interact and engage with the users who left the testimonial.

7. Syndicate to many more social and video networks with a click

Now you can share your easy Easy Video Endorser on far more social networks to drive traffic to your offers and build your brand.

8. 1-step mobile video capture pages

Easy Video Endorser replaces the low converting 3-page video capture campaign with a single, fast loading page for much higher conversion rates.

9. Show/Hide captured testimonial

Got negative feedback from your customers? Learn how to improve your product by watching the video, then hide it if you choose in your social proof widget campaign for high conversions.


AND Even More Features –

1. Create “Set-and-forget” testimonial generating cloud campaigns

Create campaigns fully hosted with Easy Video Endorser that capture video testimonials and deliver incentives for doing so on a 100% autopilot – nothing to install or code.

2. Live Video Capture technology

Let visitors easily record themselves giving the testimonial through campaigns fully hosted by Easy Video Endorser.

3. Display Video testimonial boxes anywhere you want

Showcase your video testimonials in stylish boxes on any page you want. Works with Shopify, HTML, WordPress, Clickfunnels, etc.

4. Capture star ratings on written feedback

Showcase your video testimonials, capture star ratings, profile pictures, and written feedback to showcase for higher conversions.

5. Commercial rights to sell a 100% unique service

This is an exciting opportunity especially for users who have already bought video marketing apps since every business big or small needs more video testimonials.


Advantages of Easy Video Endorser Elite –

1. No more making the video yourself
Get an endless supply of videos to use on your sales page and drive traffic with other people creating videos.

2. No Camera equipment, mics or fancy studios-
Customers can create and submit their video reviews inside one single screen.

3. No begging or waiting for reviews –
Offer an awesome bonus and you can attract plenty of people to leave their video review.

4. No more notepads, excel sheets or word docs –
Easy Video Endorser effortlessly gathers, saves and publishes your reviews from the cloud.

5. Whatever business you are in Easy Video Endorser makes it easier than ever to convert traffic into customers.



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